Another Brief Update

So, not too much to report, but I don’t want too much time to go by without your hearing from the Georgia Cat. Mike continues to heal. He is now 34 days post-transplant, and feels remarkably well. The last 2 nights he stayed up until 10PM. This is progress. Also, his hair has stopped falling out. We have before and after pictures, and will put them up as soon as we figure out how to do it.

In other news, we learned from the Fowl Party spokesgoose, Waldo, that he recently learned that they need a fundraising process in order to run a successful campaign. Talk about an amateur! So, they marshalled all the Happy Meadows ducks and geese to dive to the bottom of all the ponds in our area, and managed to retrieve 37 cents from the muck. Their candidate, Donald Donck is discouraged, and may pull out before he even has decided what office he was going to run for. I will let you know once Waldo sends out a press release. I had mentioned earlier that in my opinion, Happy Meadows could use a grammarian, and he could run unopposed for that seat. I am not interested in running for it, even though I am well-qualified, if I do say so myself. We shall see.

I wish I had more to say, but no news is usually a good thing. You shall hear from me soon. Until then, be well, be safe, and be sure to pray for world peace. So long from Happy Meadows.

Author: Black Magic

Black Magic is a handsome, charming, and self-absorbed cat who lives with Mike and Judy Gordon in Marietta, Georgia. He is about 7 years old, and he will remind you at every opportunity that his grandfather was Black Jack, that famous cat who wrote his own autobiography. Black Magic has a great many opinions, and despite his natural feline arrogance, he seems to be genuinely spiritual. But the reader can decide for him/herself.

2 thoughts on “Another Brief Update”

  1. Dr Gordon, I’m so happy you’re doing well. My prayers for you continue and for world peace.
    Love and hugs,

  2. So happy to learn of Mike’s steady improvement and praying, also, for return of more comfort and relaxation for the family as a whole.

    Expecting possible snow up this way in a day or so. It is so quiet.

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