A New Decade

So, Mike is officially a decade older. He turned 80 since my last post on Groundhog Day. Truthfully, he looks about the same to me. I should show you a new picture of Mike that he had taken for publicity use for his new book. I think I will try right now. Yep, there it is.

It was freezing here again this morning, so just took a quick nose-around. We had a lot of rain, but the sun is shining brightly today. Mike and Judy both had COVID. This is the first time. They could have been a lot sicker, so we are grateful for it not being worse than a bad cold. Mike is on his last day of medication, and will retest tomorrow. Judy has already tested negative. I can tell Mike is feeling better because he spent part of yesterday cleaning cat boxes without exhausting himself.

More news: Mike is fully retired from clinical medicine. February 24 was his last day at the Berman Center. He says he was ready to move on into being a full-time writer, and possibly a part-time golfer. He has not played for years, but plans to take lessons. I think it will be a blow to his ego when he finds out the ball won’t go nearly as far as it used to. But, if he can hit it consistently straight this will compensate. I plan to go with him to help keep up his spirits, give him swing tips, read putts, and chase squirrels.

We certainly hope that you all are well and happy. And speaking of happy, Judy got The Book of Joy for Mike. Written by Douglas Abrams, it is the account of a week-long get-together between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu where they celebrated His Holiness’ eightieth birthday. The topic of their discussion was joy. Mike found it useful and fascinating. I think you all would enjoy it if you get a chance to read it. Mike says he cheated himself out of much good reading because he spent so much time working.

So, time to move on to my feline responsibilities. I will find a good spot in a patch of sunshine for a nap. We love you and hope for nothing but good health and happiness. Until next time, so long from Happy Meadows.