Great news!

So, Mike’s results have come back, and he remains in remission from cancer. He will continue on the same chemo regimen for another year until he is rechecked. But his last infusion for lymphoma will be in June. This is the drug that suppresses his immune system, and it won’t be out of his system until early next year. Thus, unless something changes, he will remain isolated until next February. But…there is a new product coming out, monoclonal antibody infusions, from Astra-Zenica, which will give the recipient immunity if they can’t take the vaccine or respond to the vaccine. The product will be in short supply, so he may well not get a chance to take it. If he gets it you may see him out to eat or having coffee with friends.

The holidays are over, and were celebrated quietly but effectively at our house. The cats always love to play with the dangling cat toys that Mike and Judy put on the tree, until we get chased out of the room. We hope you all had a blessed holiday season, and that none of you got too sick. One of Mike’s friends lost his wife after a miserable battle with cancer. And, it has been quite a time for many notable personages to move on to the next stage: Sidney Poitier, Betty White, Bob Dole, Peter Bogdanovich, and others who I am forgetting right now. May all who are grieved be comforted.

I posted it last time, but in case you missed it, my book website is So far no news about the progress or lack thereof on publication of Mike’s book about the 12 steps and the Heroic Journey.

It was ridiculously cold here today, which restricted my outdoor activities. I hear that people father north got bitterly cold weather and lots of snow. Bundle up, y’all! Stay warm and well. I hope to write again soon. Until then, so long from Happy Meadows.