Have You Missed Me?

So, I must be getting older, because I am certainly getting lazier. My last post was in March, just as Mike was supposedly getting over COVID. Well, not so much. He got sick again after he stopped the Paxlovid, and in April he was in the hospital at Emory for a week. They gave him a drug, Remdesavir, that he believes saved his life. He could barely eat for nearly 2 months, and lost 25 pounds. He has regained half of that. He was unable to read, do crossword puzzles, or complete simple tasks on the computer. Pitiful is the word, but he seems to be back to his old self now. Truthfully, I thought he might die, which I was not prepared for. The Emory team has started him on gamma globulin infusions to build up his immune system. He and Judy got their COVID boosters and flu shots 2 weeks ago. He is masking when he goes out, at least for any indoor activities. Hopefully we won’t have another episode. And, he is walking every day again, usually with Judy.

The other cats are doing fine. I am the only one not on meds or a special diet. I think it is because I am naturally tough, and because I get to go outside and breathe fresh air. And, full disclosure, I am a virtual cat and not subject to the same diseases that domestic cats are. You knew that I’m sure.

Mike’s book, The Twelve Step Pathway: A Heroic Journey of Recovery, is due for release on November 1st. If you go onto Amazon you can see it. There is already a very nice review written by Dr. Vera Tarman, a doctor who runs a treatment center in Toronto. Other reviews are on their way. You can also read a snippet of the book. If you want to preorder it you can do so. Mike has a book signing event at the Berman Center on November 11th from 11:00 to 12:30. He would love to see you there. If you are planning to come, please buy your book there so the owner of A Capella Books who is supplying the books doesn’t have to return a ton of books. Of course you can buy more than one, if you have friends who might be interested. The information for the signing is on Mike’s website, michaelcowlgordon.com.

I am afraid that I am stuck in a lazy groove and no longer the best source of information on Happy Meadows and the goings on with our family. Sometimes I think I’m doing my best, but not really. I suggest you follow Mike on Facebook, Linked-in, or at his website. But, do know that I love you and am grateful for the love that you return to me. For now, so long from Happy Meadows.