Racing Dogs and Viruses

So, there is nothing new to report about Mike or his health. He sees Dr. K. next week and presumably will restart chemo the following week. I will let you know of anything of interest that develops.

We had a supermoon last night that went unobserved, at least by me, because of overcast conditions. The March full moon is known as the worm moon, because of the reappearance of earthworms and their cousins that appear in early March, just in time for the hungry birds to not be disappointed. I hope you got to see it. This is a lovely time of year, when it gets warmer and flowers abound.

Another early March event is the Iditerod dog sled race. The ceremonial start was Saturday in Anchorage amidst much festivity. The teams mush to the first checkpoint 70 miles away, where the official race actually begins the following day. This year there are 54 teams competing, several of them first-timers. Mushers have to prove they can handle the responsibility of providing for their safety and that of the dogs by qualifying in other races. The race ends in Nome, generally 8-10 days after it starts. If you want to follow the progress of the race you can do so on-line. Alaska has had a great deal of snow this year, so much so that it could slow the mushers down in places. There are 12 female mushers entered this year, but no teams of cats. Have fun, y’all!

I have been hearing that 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution that gave the right to vote to women. It is hard for this little cat to believe that men denied the vote to women for well over 100 years. You read all the high-sounding expressions of principle by the founding fathers regarding inalienable rights and freedom and such, only to discover later on that in their minds these rights only were due to white male land-owners. Women still have to fight for their just due. Mike says that the average female department head in US medical schools earns $80,000 less per year than her male counterpart. But progress has been made. Mike says his medical school class at the University of Illinois only had 16 women out of 200 total students. He also witnessed rude hazing of female students by male faculty, a culturally condoned behavior at that time. Today women make up about 50% of medical school admissions. Still, academia is among the worst of all professions for denying women their equal rights and pay. The only worse profession is the military. Mike’s niece, Sharona, has become a national leader in the fight to advance the standing of women in the sciences. We are proud of her.

So, let me suggest that it is too early for you to get tired of hearing about the corona virus, Covid-19. You will be hearing a lot more about it before you will be hearing less about it. There are news bulletins daily, not only about new cases, but also about disruptions in peoples lives, cancelling of school and events, and of near-panic on Wall Street. Mike says it will have a direct impact on the lives of everyone, whether they get sick or not. It seems to be highly contagious, and Mike thinks the efforts to contain it are doomed to fail. Luckily, it will produce only mild illness in most people. However, Mike is in a demographic that makes him vulnerable to a much more serious, and possibly fatal outcome. Ouch! His age is against him as he turns 77 this month. He also has a chronic illness which may weaken his immune system. He isn’t acting that worried about it, but will take reasonable precautions. Prayer will help, as always, and make them for everyone, please.

So, I’m sure I will have much more to report on the goings on in Happy Meadows now that it is getting warmer and I am out and about more. Stay turned. Until the next time be well, be safe, and don’t forget to pray for world peace. Bye, bye!

Author: Black Magic

Black Magic is a handsome, charming, and self-absorbed cat who lives with Mike and Judy Gordon in Marietta, Georgia. He is about 7 years old, and he will remind you at every opportunity that his grandfather was Black Jack, that famous cat who wrote his own autobiography. Black Magic has a great many opinions, and despite his natural feline arrogance, he seems to be genuinely spiritual. But the reader can decide for him/herself.

3 thoughts on “Racing Dogs and Viruses”

  1. Prayers and love to you, Mike. Stay home and ride the storm out. It’s not worth the risk. Write and share your words of wisdom with the rest of us. This too will pass!

  2. Dr. Gordon,
    Always glad to hear from you. Happy you’re feeling so well too. Stay away from that beast, the corona virus.
    Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy. I know it’s coming up because we share that being only a few days apart. I’m always praying for you.
    Love and hugs,

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